Creme to Powder Foundation hover image 50%

Creme to Powder Foundation

See uniform color and HD perfect skin in one simple application. Applies like cream with a velvety matte finish. Unparalleled shade range for all skin of color...

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Luxury Oil Blotting Pressed Powder hover image 50%

Luxury Oil Blotting Pressed Powder

 Luxury Oil Blotting pressed powder is designed specifically for richer skin tones. Pigment rich and breathable, this unique formula acts as a cashmere veil that neutrali..

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  Base Strokes Foundation Stick hover image 50%

Base Strokes Foundation Stick

  Base Strokes Foundation Stick A creamy stick foundation that glides on effortlessly providing coverage and a long-lasting, lustrous natural finish while offering except..

9.450 ر ع 18.900 ر ع
Color Sense Mineral Blush hover image 50%

Color Sense Mineral Blush

Color Sense Mineral Blush : A pressed powder blush that delivers healthy-looking color to flatter any skintone. This professional quality blush is formulated to makeup artists..

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Corrective Concealer Earth hover image 50%

Corrective Concealer Earth

Corrective Concealer A 24-hour-wear, multi-purpose, full-coverage, creamy concealer that brightening skin with a radiant finish while hiding under-eye circles, redness, blemis..

5.250 ر ع 10.500 ر ع
Moisture Complex Liquid Foundation hover image 50%

Moisture Complex Liquid Foundation

Moisture Complex Liquid FoundationThis water based liquid foundation protects and moisturizes with aloe, sesame and sweet almond oil while collagen and elastin nourish and conditio..

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Flawless Mineral Loose Fondation  hover image 50%

Flawless Mineral Loose Fondation

Flawless Mineral Loose Fondation  Experience the hydration and brightening of our newest age-defying mineral foundation. Brush away the signs of aging with this mineral f..

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Morning Light Diffusing Foundation hover image 50%

Morning Light Diffusing Foundation

Morning Light Diffusing Foundation This creamy, silky foundation diffuses light away from lines and shadows on the face, especially around the eyes. Morning Light evens skin t..

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Perfection Pressed Powder Foundation hover image 50%

Perfection Pressed Powder Foundation

Perfection Pressed Powder Foundation SKIN TYPES: Effective for all skin types. Including sensitive.This versatile, skin transforming formula is highly versatile. Apply dr..

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Translucent Loose Powder hover image 50%

Translucent Loose Powder

Translucent Loose Powder : This long-lasting powder sets foundation and helps keep it fresh while also inhibiting oil-breakthrough. Light-weight texture creates a soft, natura..

9.975 ر ع 19.950 ر ع
underglow en hanced light diffusing gel hover image 50%

underglow en hanced light diffusing gel

Helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and hide imperfections. This enhanced formula incorporates a tri-peptide clinically proven to help boost skin’s hyaluronan production a..

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soft Focus large blending spong hover image 50%

soft Focus large blending spong

The new Soft Focus Blender Sponge. This revolutionary, versatile sponge application tool will give you a natural, flawless, soft focus finish every time. Can be used wet or dry...

3.675 ر ع 7.350 ر ع
Illuminance highligting powder 50%

Illuminance highligting powder

Illuminance highligting powder Quiet light powder (incandescent light). Lighting Lighting Lighting up a glowing light that captures and softens images of the ocean using optic..

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